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Configuration version control enables rollback or “undo” functionality to configuration, which helps avoid unexpected breakage. Version control applied to the configuration can be rapidly reverted to a last known stable state. Employee self-service is a widely used human resources technology that enables employees to perform many job-related …

definition of configuration

Plug-and-play and USB, much of this configuration is performed automatically. In the current man-up configuration, the highly-effective Marchand is usually found on the right elbow, working symbiotically with Patrice Bergeron at the bumper spot. When set against the asking prices for flyable Sea Furies in stock configuration – one just sold for $1.4 million – the list price for Furias looks appealing. We’ll have to change the configuration of the system to accommodate the new server.

The following focuses on configuration management as it directly applies to IT software assets and software asset CI/CD. During the 1950s the United States Department of Defense developed a technical management discipline to track changes in the development of complex systems. Today, configuration management is not only used by the defense department, but in software development,IT service management, civil engineering, industrial engineering, and more.

Source Control Tools

He has built multi-national teams that value self-direction and self-organization. When not speaking or coding, you can find Ian indulging his passions in parsers, meta-programming, and domain-specific languages. The configuration data files specify a sequence of actions to take to configure a system. The executable differs in language between the systems — Ansible and Salt Stack are Python based and Chef is Ruby.

Docker is based on configuration files called Dockerfiles, which contain a list of commands that are evaluated to reconstruct the expected snapshot of operating system state. Docker creates containers from these Dockerfiles that are snapshots of a preconfigured application. Dockerfiles are committed to a Git repository for version tracking and need additional configuration management to deploy them to infrastructure. Network configuration is the process of assigning network settings, policies, flows, and controls.

So you might want to look into some different key concepts, such as IaC and build and release pipelines. For instance, Docker neatly packages up steps needed to set up and run an application . However, people don’t often consider Docker a configuration management tool. In fact, it can get confusing, definition of configuration as there are tools that support configuration management without explicitly being configuration management tools. That should clear up some of your lingering questions about how configuration management fits with some practices or ideas that you might be using or are familiar with.

This post focuses on its modern application and use in agile CI/CD software environments. The first action towards configuration management is information gathering. Configuration data should be aggregated and compiled from different application environments, development, staging, and production for all the components and services in use. Any secret data like passwords and keys should be identified and securely encrypted and stored. At this point configuration data should be organized into data files that can be pointed to as a central source of truth.

  • Having configuration data organized and added to a repository enables collaboration and visibility into the system’s configuration.
  • We talked briefly about software delivery pipelines, but implementing them requires tooling.
  • They enable the available widgets of the toolkits to be graphically configured and inserted in the user interfaces.
  • So you might want to look into some different key concepts, such as IaC and build and release pipelines.
  • The term is very common in computer science and mathematics, and in scientific and technological fields in general.
  • In the case of software, configuration can also refer to the application’s settings.

Chemistry The structural arrangement of atoms in a compound or molecule. When configuring, many deductions are drawn which are not relevant for describing configurations. This scheme is very flexible, allowing to completely configure the way active modules are located. Most of the text is configured as fragments of observation and reflection.

Origin of Configuration

This adds accountability and visibility into configuration changes. Git is the industry-leading version control system to track code changes. Adding configuration management data alongside code in a Git repository provides a holistic version control view of an entire project. Git is a foundational tool in higher-level configuration management. The following list of other configuration management tools is designed to be stored in a Git repository and leverage Git version control tracking.

definition of configuration

Declarative style is important because configuration management is all about knowing the current state of your applications. So when we use configuration management tools, it’s desirable to use a declarative style and specify the end result that we want, not the steps to get there. This means we always know what end state we’re trying to achieve and how that’s changed over time.

Configuration Management: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Configuration management solves this challenge by creating a “source of truth” with a central location for configuration. Information about configuration allows users to determine whether a particular application can be run or not. It could also aid in decisions on upgrading or purchasing a new system in order to execute certain applications. Configuration information can aid users in optimal usage of the system in order to prolong the performance and life of the system. A virtual assistant, also called AI assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that understands natural language …

definition of configuration

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. It combines the words information and graphic and includes a collection of imagery, charts,… We’ve created a new place where questions are at the center of learning. While this global health crisis continues to evolve, it can be useful to look to past pandemics to better understand how to respond today.

What is zero-configuration networking?

With the advent of plug and play technology, most configurations can be performed automatically in the case of software configurations. The quality of performance and life of the computer or device depends on its configuration. Most important aspects of a configuration are the speed of the processor, speed and stability provided by the motherboard, speed and size of storage, graphical display and software drivers. Some hardware or software applications have certain minimum configuration in order to provide the minimum performance. At times, this involves the addition of hardware or software accessories, commonly known as upgrades.

Configuration, in chemistry, the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule. The configuration is usually depicted by means of a three-dimensional model (a ball-and-stick model), a perspective drawing, or a plane projection diagram. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. This consisted of a series of interlinked colour-coded sliders spatially configured to represent the layout of players in the physical space.

Any discussion of configuration management would be incomplete, however, without a discussion about tooling. So, let’s take a peek at the different tools we have at our disposal for implementing configuration management. When I first started learning about configuration management, I found the concept super confusing. One team member may tweak a hardware allocation value so that the software runs more efficiently on their personal laptop. When the software is later deployed to a production environment, this new configuration may have a suboptimal effect or may break. In the case of software, configuration can also refer to the application’s settings.

Build & Operate Cloud Native Apps Give developers the flexibility to use any app framework and tooling for a secure, consistent and fast path to production on any cloud. An atomic spatial arrangement that is fixed by the chemical bonding in a molecule and that cannot be altered without breaking bonds . Computers The way in which a computer system or network is set up or connected.

A network configuration manager also enables the use of automation to make policy changes and updates. Infrastructure-as-code is the practice of ensuring all provisioned infrastructure is done so through code. The purpose of IaC is to have a written record of which services exist, where they are located, and under what circumstance.

There are many ways to implement configuration management, and there are lots of different tools and processes. So when it comes to strategy, be sure to take your time assessing options and understanding how you want your configuration management processes to work. Once a configuration management platform is in place, teams have visibility into the work required for configuration tasks. Configuration management work can be identified as dependencies for other work and properly addressed as part of agile sprints. Configuration data has historically been hard to wrangle and can easily become an afterthought.

How to manage system configuration

Lou is a fan and advocate of old-school lean and systems thinking, XP, continuous delivery, and DevOps. Hopefully that helps to clear things up for you about configuration management. It’s all about keeping track of the current state of your software and infrastructure. Learn about best practices—Successfully implementing configuration management isn’t a one-and-done task. It takes time and work to continually ensure that all new software is appropriately audited and tracked.

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In today’s business world, managed services are more critical than ever. The term is very common in computer science and mathematics, and in scientific and technological fields in general. Thus, for example, two scientists won a 1962 Nobel Prize for their description of the configuration of the DNA molecule.


It’s not really code so it’s not immediately put in version control and it’s not first-class data so It isn’t stored in a primary database. Traditional and small scale system administration is usually done with a collection of scripts and ad-hoc processes. Configuration data can be overlooked at times, but it is critical to system operation. To “configure software” means selecting programmable options that make the program function to the user’s liking.

That’s instead of trying to work out when instructions were run and dealing with the complexities that may arise if certain instructions have failed. Continuous delivery is the process of ensuring that software is always in a releasable state. Having configuration data organized and added to a repository enables collaboration and visibility into the system’s configuration. The popular pull request workflow that software teams use to review and edit code can then be applied to configuration data files. Any changes applied to the configuration must be reviewed and accepted by the team.

Each database package comes with its own world of configuration options, performance sensitivities, bugs, and tools. We looked for things like easy connections, times of day that matched his sleep schedule, and ideal seating configurations before we made our choice. Rather, character configurations change consistently toward an alternative configuration that is predicted to be most probable according to the expected dynamics of a complex adaptive system.

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